As fifth generation jewelers, we’ve witnessed first-hand the evolution of earrings. Back at the turn of the 20th century, all our earrings were for pierced lobes. We led the popularity of clip-ons starting in the 1920s and, of course, have embraced the return to pierced in the late 70s. Today, we feature both. Our current inventory even includes a pair of rose cut diamond earrings from the 1800s!

Enough about the past, let’s visit the present… at Hardy’s. We have earrings in nearly every possible combination. From the elegance of a single diamond solitaire to the modern flair of ebony wood and rose gold, you won’t be lacking for choices at Hardy’s.

Hoop earrings? Yes. Drop earrings? Check. Huggy earrings? But, of course! We also run the gamut of colored gemstone earrings, such as Paraiba tourmaline, fancy colored sapphire and Yowah opal to name a few, or intricate jackets that amplify and enhance the gems.

With our selection so vast, your only option is to visit us today.

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