3 ct. Emerald Cut Diamond Ring

Who better than Hardy’s to assist you in your quest for the perfect diamond? For starters, we love diamonds as much as you.

Perhaps you are coming to Hardy’s for the first time in search of an engagement ring. Lucky you! Our wealth of knowledge from five generations of jewelers will confidently guide you to the perfect selection. Don’t make the mistake of settling on some department store diamond because you thought that’s all you could afford. Quite the contrary, Hardy’s always respects your allowances and will work diligently to become “your jeweler” for a lifetime.

Those customers with a longer history of diamond buying can also appreciate Hardy’s unique ability to secure the nearly unattainable. There just isn’t any compensation in the world for the relationships our father and grandfather established decades ago in the diamond trade. Today, we, and therefore our clients, are beneficiaries of those associations.

Perhaps it’s a rare pink or blue diamond ring or maybe a special event requires a diamond of exceptional size. Even matching one diamond with another to create a new design is possible with a visit to Hardy’s.

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