Peter Schmid - Atelierz ZobelPeter Schmid – Atelier Zobel

Peter Schmid first trained as a goldsmith and jewellery designer at the Berufskolleg für Formgebung, Schmuck und Gerät in Schwäbisch Gmünd. Inspired by the work of Michael Zobel, he came to Konstanz in 1995 to apprentice in his studio. He never left. After working with Michael for 10 years, Peter took over leadership of the Atelier in 2005.

Atelier Zobel has continued to win numerous awards with Peter as designer, including the Couture Design Award presented in Las Vegas. Peter’s work has also been published extensively including Joanna Hardy’s Collect Contemporary Jewelry.

Celebrated for almost half a century, Zobel has become a byword for highly individual, bold and emotive jewellery. Everything springs from his unique approach to jewellery making. Based in master craftsmanship, he creates new tradition by courageously seeking new and timeless forms.

His work is typified by the painterly quality of surface textures, the free use of colours and playful tension between strong geometric forms and sensual organic lines. His collection is inspired by the essence of jewellery: the most personal, the most tangible, the most sensual of all art forms.