Andrea WilliamsAndrea Williams

Andrea Williams is an independent fine art jewelry designer living in New England. She is an accomplished metalsmith who specializes in contemporary, eco-conscious, nature-inspired jewelry. Andrea created her brand “Bound Earth” out of her belief that jewelry should not be worn as a status symbol but should instead bring us closer to the earth that birthed the materials.

She lives in the woods and stack rocks for fun, hunts for wild mushrooms and keeps bees. She finds beauty in improbable places. Her jewelry is an expression of the wonder she senses in the overlooked intricacies in nature. Andrea uses reclaimed precious metals in conjunction with seemingly ordinary organic materials to capture that sense of wonder in each piece. A wearable reminder of the beauty too easily overlooked.

I am committed to socially and environmentally responsible jewelry, coming as much from being a mother as from any global considerations. My metals supplier gets sterling and gold materials from reclamation and recycling. I swore off mined gems, instead using lab-grown gems, Venetian glass, and other materials in their place.