Diamond Jewelry from Hardys Jewellers

Hardy’s service to our customers is just like everything else we provide… the very best. You can have complete confidence in our array of resources, as countless families have discovered since 1849.

Original Design

For five generations we’ve rewarded our clients with the truly personalized experience of custom jewelry design. Custom does not mean opening a catalogue. Perhaps the time has come to express your individuality. There’s no place more original than Hardy’s for that.

• Our design process is unique, inspiring and creative. Share your ideas with us, and together we will originate a masterpiece that celebrates more than a special event, but also becomes a treasured heirloom to be passed from generation to generation.
• Naturally, we have loose stones from which to choose. In addition, our worldwide resources and relationships can locate and secure rare gemstones for those with a particular desire.
• Hardy’s guarantee of quality means we stand behind our jewelry. We make that promise because we never take short cuts or employ substandard settings or inferior gemstones.
• If you ever have a concern about a particular Hardy’s product, please contact customer service at 757-486-0469.

Concierge Assistance

There’s no detail too small to be ignored by Hardy’s, so please share your special requests with us.
• With our executive accommodations, we can arrange an opportunity to present jewelry for your selection at your office if that’s more convenient for you.
• We can keep a secret! Delivery options for those who want a special surprise. Complement your fine jewelry purchase with special wrapping or other presentation options.
• Of course, personalized gift certificates are always available.

Care and Repair

When you purchase jewelry from Hardy’s, our customer concern for satisfaction is an ongoing relationship. There simply isn’t a repair we can’t address, including:
• Expert on-premises pearl and bead stringing.
• Diamond recutting.
• Removing diamond scratches, nicks and chips.
• Ring resizing.
• Stone matching and replacement.
• Prong rebuilding.
• Chain repair.
• Antique restoration.
• Maintenance of your jewelry is paramount. We offer a complete range of cleaning services specific to your gemstone and setting.

Appraisal Services

Our appraisals are nothing short of phenomenal because we go to such lengths to verify, document and determine current market value. Each Hardy’s appraisal includes complete laboratory testing of your jewelry and an appraisal report for your records. The report contains such information as:
1) a detailed description of diamonds and gemstones (carat weight, cut, clarity, color, measurements, proportion and finish).
2) an internal diagram showing any inclusions (natural marks) in diamonds if requested.
3) the content and weight of precious metals.
4) a color photograph.
5) the value of your jewelry.

Our staff of Graduate Gemologists (Gemological Institute of America) are also Certified Gemologist Appraisers with The American Gem Society. We offer appraisals for:
• Insurance purposes including casualty loss.
• Liquidation.
• Estate settlement and tax evaluation.
• Value comparison.
• Divorce.
• Collateral purposes.

Liquidation and Consignment

Sometimes customers inherit jewelry they do not want, or divorce or death intervenes in a relationship and treasured jewelry becomes a more painful, than joyous, reminder. Even financial reverses can necessitate disposition. Hardy’s is here to assist with our confidential brokering services. We have found each situation is different and are able to recommend a proven choice for resolution.
Please contact customer service at 757-486-0469 for a private consultation.